What Is Skin Undertone?How To Find Your UNDERTONE For Perfect Shade Match

skin undertone - cool, warm, & neutral

Salut les filles !! Today I’ll give you some very useful information about yourself, which includes details about your skin & about your skin undertone. Basically there are 3 major types of skin undertones, COOL NEUTRAL WARM What Is Skin Undertone ? -Complexion (Fair, Medium, Wheatish, Olive, Tan, Dusky, Dark) is completely different from your undertone […]

My Mini Nykaa Haul-Ultra Affordable Winter Essentials-Skincare & Make-Up Products

Nykaa Haul winter products

Hey My Gorgeous Ladies !! Today I’m very excited because this is my first haul blogging post, although it is a mini version of a haul post still I’m very thrilled about it as I’ve grabbed some really good products from nykaa & I can’t wait to share them with you all. So let’s see […]

Review-Olivia Instant Waterproof Make-Up Stick with SPF12- My Go To Foundation!!

Hello Girls !! Being a make-up hoarder, it is my utmost duty to make you all aware about those products that are affordable, budget friendly and do not emit your pockets because every time we can not go overboard with expensive full coverage foundations to camouflage everything from acne spots to even tattoos, sometimes light […]

Cinnamon ‘A Beautifier’- How you can use this magical stuff of kitchen to boost your skin, hair, fitness, to reduce weight, increase fertility & for overall well being.


Hola a Todos !! Cinnamon (दालचीनी, दारचीनी, दालचीती, दारु-सिता) ; Basically it is a an aromatic bark used as a spice for adding flavour in various cuisines, but it has astonishing benefits for overall body development. Although available throughout the year, the aroma, sweet and warm taste of cinnamon is a perfect spice to use during the winter […]

October-National Breast Cancer Awareness Month-The Need Of Early Detection !!

National breast cancer awareness month

Hey all my beautiful ladies !! Today I’m making a small attempt to protect womanhood by raising an awareness towards one such stigma known as breast cancer. In almost every country October month is national breast cancer awareness month & as we are heading towards the end of this month so I thought why not […]